Monday MADness- Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels!

January 29th, 2018 | Posted in Monday MADness

Last week I shared art from one of MAD‘s parodies of the Harry Potter movies, and since I did art for three of the eight film parodies I thought I’d do a run of “Harry Potter”. So, this week’s Monday MADness is a look at the complete parody of the second Harry Potter movie: “Harry Plodder and the Lamest of Sequels”, written by Desmond Devlin, from MAD #424, Dec 2002. at 9 pages, this was the longest parody I ever did for MAD… until the next issue that is!


  1. Des Devlin says:

    This is the article I refer to when people ask me who comes up with the magazine’s visual “chicken fat” gags. I can point along the top row of Hogwarts professors and tell them, “That gag was in my script, that one was all Tom’s idea, and that one came from Sam Viviano.”

    It’s a good example of the collaborative process. More importantly, it plausibly allows each of us to blame somebody else for all of the crappy parts!

  2. Des Devlin says:

    What funny ones?

  3. Jack Myhervold says:

    From the readers perspective, gentlemen, we view “the funny ones” as defined by MAD standards, as those “gags” resulting in slightly less groaning, eye rolling, or consumption of antacid tablets, for which our innards thank you.

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