“The Doctor Makes House Calls” Limited Edition Print


By popular demand, it’s “Doctor Who Print 2.0!”

Our 2013 Doctor Who print sold out in just a few months. Since that print debuted, there have been two more Doctors! People have been clamoring for an updated print featuring caricatures of all 13 official Doctors. Well, here it is! This limited edition print pokes a little fun at the world of Doctor Who, and includes ALL NEW caricatures of the 11 Doctors from our 2013 print, plus the two new Time Lords.

  • William Hartnell– 1963-1966
  • Patrick Troughton– 1966-1969
  • Jon Pertwee– 1970-1974
  • Tom Baker– 1974-1981
  • Peter Davison– 1981-1984
  • Colin Baker– 1984-1986
  • Sylvester McCoy– 1987-1989
  • Paul McGann– 1996
  • John Hurt– “War Doctor”
  • Christopher Eccleston– 2005
  • David Tennant– 2005-2010
  • Matt Smith– 2010-2013
  • Peter Capaldi– 2013- present

Limited to only 500 prints, all hand numbered and signed by Tom.

Shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, and personalized if directed!

11″ x 30″, elegant matte finish professional print

271 in stock


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