Despite predictions of doom and failure from his college professors, Tom began freelancing in 1989 focusing on humorous illustration, cartooning, and caricature. Among his first professional jobs was a billboard for a radio morning show in Ohio and the comic book "Married: with Children" from NOW Comics. The art college he attended (along with those naysaying professors) has gone out of business... but he's still working!

Tom's freelance work has run the gamut from feature magazine illustration to product art and design, animation character design, book illustration, computer gaming graphics, newspaper illustration, advertising art and design, graphics for television and films, textbook illustrations, and more. His clients include numerous national and international book and magazine publishers, 500 companies, major league sports teams, newspapers, big name advertising agencies, toy and game manufacturers, and others. For a partial list of Tom's many clients, visit this page.

Tom's work is in demand anytime a client's project needs a lighthearted or satirical touch, especially when it comes to caricatures. This gallery is a virtual portfolio of some of Tom's work from a variety of clients.

If you are looking for a humorous illustrator for a professional project, contact Tom here.