Illustration Throwback Thursday #44

January 25th, 2018 | Posted in Illustration Throwback Thursday

From 1990 to 1994 I did pencils for a comic book title called “Married… with Children” for a company called NOW Comics. I did 26 issues in total (I think). The first several issues were penciled by artists Dave Schwartz and Mark Braun, and I took over with issue number 6. After issue 7 they restarted the numbering (#1’s sold better… shocking, I know). They after Vol. 2 number 7 they gave up on the title run and just started doing mini-series story arcs and one shots. Most of the time they used photo covers of the actors from the show in character (actually most of the time they used sexy pictures of Christina Applegate because those sold better… shocking, I know), but I did do a number of covers as well. The one above was my favorite from the mini-series “2099”, which was a sci-fi spoof. Here’s a bunch of other covers I did (thanks to for all the images). Mostly I just penciled them, but a few I also inked:

The other 2099 covers

This was my first cover

The last “regular” issue of M…wC

A M…wC superhero spoof series


“Flashback” mini-series. I inked and colored this cover

One shots… interior art by Eddie Pittman!

More Eddie Pittman interior art!

This was the last issue of M…wC of any kind to see print. They never completed the story.


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