Original MAD Art in the Studio Store!

July 27th, 2017 | Posted in News

Orange is the new Blecch, pages 2-3, original inked art

I mentioned when I posted about San Diego Comic Con that I would not be bringing any original MAD art to conventions anymore. They take up too much room on the table and in my luggage, and I seldom sell more than the occasional page. I did, however, promise to put some pages for sale here on the website. So here they are.

Some facts about these pages:

  • They are all original inked art from various published parodies in MAD
  • Inked with pen and brush on heavy bristol board, some contain some wash work
  • The text in the word boxes, done digitally by the MAD production artists for print, have been recreated using the exact same font and at the appropriate size to match the printed page, and pasted up using archival materials.
  • The pages are huge: 17″ x 22′ give or take. They will ship sandwiched between multiple layers of foamcore
  • Signed of course, and personalized if you wish

Here are some of the pages available in the Studio Store:


  1. Lisa Bergman says:

    When’s your book coming out? I want to share it with “My Boys” at the Community Facility

  2. Lisa Bergman says:

    Oh! The Zombie comic book. The residents that I work with really like Zombies. They would love it! Let me know so I can get one.
    And the Superman book from MAD my daughter would love that one!


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