2017 NCS Reuben Awards Art

February 24th, 2017 | Posted in General

The National Cartoonists Society announced the 2017 Reuben Awards Weekend speaker lineup today, along with the artwork I did for the brochure. L to R, top row: Mike Richardson, Brian Walker, David Silverman, Tom Gammill. Second row: Brian Basset, Jason Chatfield, Nick Galifianakis, (Reuben emcee), Lynda Barry, Matt Groening. Front row, VIZ characters, Bill Plympton.

In case you are wondering, hipsters, craft beer, coffee, food trucks, roses, tiny plastic horses, and naked bike riding are all Portland “things”. Great speaker lineup!


  1. Erik Johnson says:

    Are non NCS members allowed to attend?

  2. Doug Gilford says:

    Nice artwork. You do Hood well!


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