Dallas Workshop in March?

December 30th, 2016 | Posted in News

Art for one of my past workshop T-shirts

The Las Vegas workshop is all sold out. I’m looking into doing a workshop in the Dallas, TX area March 24th-26th (Thu-Sat). Just gauging interest at this point. If you would be interested in participating, drop me an note. No commitment, just getting a head count of interested parties.


  1. Dave Stetson says:

    Waiting for you to come to Phx…

  2. Alfred Reid says:

    Would love you to come to Ireland and share your wonderful talent with us Huge Fan of your Art

  3. I would definitely be interested. Always excited,to see you at work and gather with all my friends in Texas.at this point it would just depend on prom gigs. Open right now for that date.

  4. Joel Kweskin says:

    Also would like to know if the cruise idea is still seaworthy. I know that was under the uqspices of another irganuzation…but what if YOU individually held one if your workshops aboard a cruise ship? That would be cool…

    • Tom Richmond says:

      The cruise was an NCS thing, not me. I doubt I could organize a cruise/workshop. Too small for a cruise line to care about. Too expensive.

  5. Jared Rasmussen says:

    I’d be interested in Dallas — or elsewhere. Love caricature, want to learn it, and willing to travel! (currently in Wisconsin)

  6. Emmie Carrigan says:

    Very Interested!

  7. Ronnie says:

    I would be interested.

  8. Ernesto says:

    I would be very interested! What about Austin, TX?


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