London Workshop Report

December 6th, 2016 | Posted in News


The London Workshop Group!

The past weekend I conducted my first ever out-of-town workshop… and it was WAAAAY out of town–London, England!

The class of twelve included a wide range of experience and levels of skill. It went from some who were basically beginners who were interested in doing caricatures all the way to some local caricature legends. All were enthusiastic and we had a great time.


Some of the group drawing away

The workshop was over a Saturday (10-7) and Sunday (9-5), and included:

  • Lecture on caricature and my approach and my MAD process
  • Demos of my live work, illustration, inking and coloring techniques
  • Lighting rounds of live caricatures of each other
  • Observations and explanation of caricatures of over 30 individual faces
  • One on one critiques, advice and Q&A
  • Lunch on Sat and some social time at the pub!
  • A bunch of free stuff
  • A LOT of drawing!!


The best part of these workshops is the group. There is a lot of energy in the room. It’s a joy to see the work everyone is doing and work along with them.



I try to identify each participant’s needs as far as what they want out of the workshop, and send time with them to meet their goals. With just a diverse range of skills, that’s the hardest part.




In the end we all had a good time and I hope everyone learned a few things. Thanks to all the participants in London! Cheers!






  1. Mark young says:

    Had a great time and met some great people.
    Learnt a lot and took home some great motivation.
    Thanks Tom

  2. Mick O'Dell says:

    Anybody that gets the chance to do this workshop, don’t think twice about it.
    Highly recommended, Tom is such a nice down to earth guy and a great teacher not to mention absurdly talented !!


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