Sketch o’the Week, Vol. 1!

September 13th, 2016 | Posted in News

SotW_Vol1A week or so ago I hinted about something new I would be debuting at New York Comic Con, but I needed to wait until I got the proof to be sure it was going to turn out. Well, I got that proof yesterday and everything is a “go” for my first sketchbook collection Sketch o’the Week (and other stuff) Vol. 1!

img_3882It’s a 6.625 x 10.25 square bound paperback, 60 black and white pages with a UV coated glossy color cover (proof above has a standard cover, I’m upgrading to the UV coated one), containing 100 sketches. As the name implies, most of these are from my “Sketch o’the Week” feature here on the blog, but there are a few other things thrown in like preliminary sketches and some inked work done for various jobs. Some of the sketches are reproduced full page and close to actual drawing size, whole others are part of a full page or spread montage.

img_3883I know, I know. I have said here repeatedly I am not a big fan of “vanity” books like this. Printed sketch collections are the least ego-centric of that brood, in my humble opinion. At least they show some process and a little of the vulnerability of the artist. There’s something a little more personal about a sketchbook collection. Besides, at least I didn’t call it “The Art of ME!” Anyway I sell my artwork online and at comic cons all the time, and this is what selling your work is. I tried to jam pack it with a ton of art.

img_3884The real reason I did it is because I needed something at a $10-$15 price point at the comic cons I do. I have cheap mini-prints for $5.00 and signed copies of MAD for $8.00, but then the next cheapest thing is my book for $20.00. I’m going to be selling this for $12.00, and it will debut at NYCC next month.

img_3885Yes, it will be available in my online Studio Store, also for $12.00 and signed of course. I’m going to wait until after NYCC to put it in the store, though. So, If you are attending New York Comic Con, you’ll be the first to grab a copy!


  1. Looking forward to it Tom! Best of luck with NYCC!

  2. euresti1 says:

    Funtastico! I am a happy recipient of one of your sketch of the week drawings… Leonardo de Caprio 🙂 look forward to purchasing your Vol 1 😀

  3. Jack Myhervold says:

    Great cover design!. The lettering is kind of like old movie posters or title openings. This will be fun to have in an album of these sketches all together.

  4. Terrell says:

    You are the man… Tom!!!!

  5. Wagner Martins says:

    Show, quando vamos poder ter esse álbum desses esboços, aqui no Brasil? espero que logo.

  6. Wow! You should do a print of “Rock Stars from the 50’s to the ’90s” too!

  7. Kevin Richlin says:

    Twelve bucks. Cheap!

  8. Joanne Stephens says:

    Wow! Can’t wait till it’s available! Looks awesome Tom!

  9. hypervoxuk says:

    Like it – Look forward to it being in the store!

  10. Clay says:


  11. Kuhnster says:

    Can’t wait for one to be part of my Tom Richmond collection.


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