Sketch o’the Week- Gene Wilder!

August 31st, 2016 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week


After his passing I had to do a sketch of Gene Wilder this week. Thanks for the many hours of movie magic, Mr. Wilder!


  1. Craig Weissman says:

    That is great!

  2. Jack Myhervold says:

    Agreed. – great sketch and a great tribute!.

  3. doctor88 says:

    Excellent … dignified even! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Steve Pissocra says:

    How many Ninas did you hide in there??

  5. Mike Worley says:

    Excellent piece, Tom! Great memorial image!

  6. John Deaton says:

    This is wonderful Tom. Gene Wilder WAS Willy Wonka. I love that movie, and have watched it many times. You have captured his character perfectly. 🙂

  7. Jack Myhervold says:

    I heard on the radio that AMC will have special showings of Willy Wonka and Blazing Saddles this weekend. I looked it up and the Eden Prairie theater has the two on Sat. and Sun. with Wonka at 5pm, and Saddles at 7pm. 5 bucks per movie. Double check if you are thinking of going.


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