Interview for ISCA’s “Exaggerated Features” Podcast

June 24th, 2016 | Posted in News

ExFeaturesThe International Society of Caricature Artists is a 25 year old organization of professional caricaturists from around the world. They’ve had a podcast for awhile called the ISCast but recently rebranded it “Exaggerated Features“, which is also the title of their long running newsletter/magazine. I was interviewed by host Cory Lally for the latest episode. The podcast is now available on iTunes and via Soundcast. It’s only 13 minutes long, so it’s not a major time commitment. I’m the first in an ongoing series that asks different artists “What is a Caricature?” My initial answer was “about $30”, but Cory wanted something more in-depth.

If you are a caricature artist or interested in caricature, go take a listen and subscribe. There are only a few posted episodes in this new series so far but the world of professional caricatures is pretty interesting… everything from street artists to event an theme park artists to fine artists with work hanging in galleries fall into the caricature spectrum. No doubt they will be having far more interesting guests than me in short order.

Also, if you are a caricaturist and not a member of ISCA… what is wrong with you? It’s a terrific source of networking and going to one of their annual convention/competitions is a life changing event.


  1. Cory Lally says:

    Lol. Perfect!

    Thanks for the share AND the interview! I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Tom Faraci says:

    Listened to it yesterday! Good episode.


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