Drac o’the Week- Al Lewis!

June 15th, 2016 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

ALewisThis week’s Drac is Al Lewis in his role as “Grandpa” aka Count Vladamir “Sam” Dracula from the classic 60’s TV series “The Munsters”. As always, the original is being shamelessly pimped in the Studio Store.

Was Grandpa actually supposed to be Dracula, you say? I was surprised to find that out myself. Of course everybody knows he was Lily’s father, not Herman’s, so he was never “Grandpa Munster”. He was referred to twice in the original series as “Count Dracula” as well as “The Count” and was known by his full name Vladamir Dracula in the 1980’s short lived reboot series “The Munsters Today”. “The Munsters” was also a Universal Studios production so they had the rights to the original Karloff and Lugosi look and makeup, so it makes sense.  He’s an official Dracula! Before you write me to tell me other actors played Grandpa as well, both in the 80’s reboot and a few ill-advised films (including “Mad Men’s” Robert Morse!)… puhleese. There’s only one Grandpa.


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