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April 26th, 2016 | Posted in News

On the Drawing Board

I get the occasional email from folks wondering if I ever teach caricature classes anywhere. I do not, at least not on an official basis. Every year I work with new artists that come aboard at my various theme park operations, where I demonstrate the live techniques I have been using for 30 plus years… but that is very informal and not really classes or a structured workshop.

I am seriously considering conducting a weekend-long caricature art workshop here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I would set up a negotiated rate at a small hotel in my area, and we would use one of their conference rooms as our workshop classroom. Out of town students would have to travel here to Minneapolis/St. Paul, and spend two nights (possibly three) in the hotel, plus pay a $500 fee for the workshop. Locals would just pay the tuition fee. It would be over a weekend (arrive Friday, depart either Sunday night or Monday), and would include the following:


  • Welcome party at my house, complete with a tour of my studio and a look at my illustration process
  • Lots of Q&A


  • Morning workshop session: lecture and live drawing demonstrations
  • Lunch included
  • Afternoon/evening workshop session: hands on drawing and critiques, begin group project
  • Late night drawing jam session


  • Morning workshop session: One on one work, finish group project and critiques
  • Portfolio review/critique

Also included: A signed copy of my book, your choice of one of my Limited Edition Prints, a guarantee that I draw a caricature of YOU during the weekend, a signed copy of the latest MAD

My main question is, would anyone be interested in this? I’m estimating we would have between 12 and 16 hours of actual workshop time over the weekend, plus the time spent in my studio, Q&A, personal reviews of portfolios and work, etc., so it would not be just a couple of hours of face time. I’d really be spending time with the group and doing some serious teaching and doing a lot of drawing myself. Secondarily I’d want to know what sort of stuff people would want me to teach? Caricature is the obvious answer, but what about techniques? Should I concentrate more on live style work, or include things like inking or my digital coloring style? Too much ground to cover would mean I would shortchange the specifics, so coming up with a curriculum that attendees would find worth their time and money is a key point.

If I do this, I would limit the workshop to 12 students so I know for certain I will have plenty of one-on-one time with people. This would likely take place in September. The hotel I have in mind is nice but should be very reasonable especially at a group rate, has free shuttle service from the airport, and has several restaurants within easy waking distance so transportation once here would be cheap/free. I realize airfare and hotel would be a major cost consideration, so I just don’t know if the cost for something like this makes it unworkable. The tuition pricing is based on some other drawing workshops I’ve seen offered and what it would realistically take to get me away from the drawing board and spending an entire weekend exclusively teaching.

You can make comments/ask questions here or email me privately. I’m just gauging interest at this point.

UPDATE: Well, I’ve gotten many private emails and communications via Facebook and here that seem to indicate considerable interest… certainly enough to fill a 12 person workshop class. I guess this is a go! I’m tentatively looking at the weekend of Sept 23rd-25th. I think we will concentrate on live caricature techniques but there will be some touching on illustration work as well. I will post more details once I have deals in place with the hotel and meeting space.


  1. Alejandro Yegros says:

    I would definitely do it if you taught it in the summer. In fact, I was just looking around to see if you were teaching.

  2. This would be amazing Tom. I would love to participate. I can guarantee there would be interest in the ISCA community. I think there would be interest in learning about your live caricature technique as well as your approach to studio illustration

  3. David Dennis says:

    I would be interested and a weekend workshop especially. You may consider workshops over a year focusing on certain aspects, live technique, illustration, digital techniques. etc.

  4. Carl Davis says:

    I would be interested in attending. Live caricature would be the area I am most interested in.

  5. Alfred reis says:

    I live in Dublin a huge Fan of your work my instagram page Alfierw288 only last few months trying to draw caricature but been drawing other art over40 email leopard288@gmailcom would love to hear from you thankyou

  6. I’m interested, but the cost is pretty high for a freelancer. Maybe you could offer a lower cost option to attend less than the entire workshop, and/or not get the book, etc?

    • Tom Richmond says:

      I can’t foresee doing the workshop for less than the $500 tuition. Ultimately it has to be worth it for me financially to put aside three days of studio work and devote 100% of my time to this. The included book, print, etc are just perks and don’t have any real monetary value from my end (meaning leaving them off as an option would not reduce the cost of attending). The only way to reduce the tuition costs would be to increase the number of students, which would degrade the amount of one-on-one time and I think lessen the value of the workshop.

      The costs of travel are not within my control, and while I can get a good deal on a hotel ($80 a night is what looks feasible) that is also a fixed cost for attendees. I estimate it will cost more for travel and lodging than the tuition. Here’s the costs broken down:

      – Tuition: $500
      – Airfare: $350-$450
      – Hotel: $160 (leaving Sunday PM) -$240 (Leaving Monday)
      – Incidentals (Food, etc): $90 ($30/day)
      -Total: $1,100-$1,290

      That is a lot, and tuition is less than half the total cost. You could get by very cheap on food (lots of inexpensive food options within 1/2 mile walk plus a grocery store right across the street if you wanted to get food for your room), once here transportation is zero as there is a free shuttle to and from the airport and anything you need is a short walk away. The Sunday session would end early enough that people could leave on an afternoon or evening flight home, saving that night in the hotel.

      I know it will be expensive, and for some people just plain impossible financially for which I am sorry. With only 12 spots I don’t need a huge number of participants to make this work.

  7. To clarify – the price is definitely reasonable, just tough to swing at the present time. Time to start stuffing my piggybank!

  8. Great opportunity to be taught by one of the best.

  9. Isaiah Shipp says:

    I’d love to. Definitely interested in live techniques and inking.

  10. Wow! Wish I could make it. Why don’t you have it recorded on video, and then sell copies to those of us who cannot attend?

  11. Brian says:

    It’s a great idea. I would want to focus on live drawing and your formula for achieving a likeness.
    Techniques for drawing different groups( kids, teens, girls, elderly etc…would be good. I always thought you should offer some type of subscription type video training. That would be more practical for me. Your book stepped everyone’s game up but to actually watch you draw I think would be invaluable!

  12. Absolutely, depending on the dates!

  13. Brian Carr says:

    What a cool idea. I’m another one for whom June or July would work better (though I likely couldn’t do it this year).

  14. Dave Stetson says:

    Count me in. I want to pick your brain. Focus on something we can learn in just a weekend…what to exaggerate to get a reasonable likeness.

  15. Patrick Biederer says:

    Would be very interested in this. Most of the artists I’d love to learn from are inaccessible due to the fact that they are either dead or overseas.

  16. I’m in if there is room for me.

  17. Ed Meisinger says:

    Would it be geared towards all skill levels, or mainly for people with some experience doing live caricature already?

    • Tom Richmond says:

      I would suggest those that participate have some functional drawing skills. Not necessarily caricature, but this will not be for someone who has never drawn before.

  18. Mike Rosenbaum says:

    I would love to try to make it happen, your book has been like a caricature bible to me and those that work for me at my retail operation in Denver. I would love to have the real life tutorial for sure. Depends on the time of year for me summers are slammed. Thanks for putting this out there Tom!

  19. Joe McGuire says:

    It would be fantastic to do this with you, Tom. Unfortunately I have gigs pretty much each weekend in September, there are multiple gigs a couple of the September weekends. I would realistically be looking at 2017 at this point. Please post when you have specific dates and I will see what I can work out.

  20. John Coffey says:

    Oh my goodness! That sounds incredible! I would definitely be interested in that! Where do I sign? LOL

  21. Robert L Sistler Jr. says:

    I’m in, waiting on details. I’ll be driving in from South Jersey.

  22. Irene says:

    Maybe consider a webinar so out of state artists could attend

  23. Would love this but need to be the first person to sign up for next September so I can save$$ and block out the time at work. Are you considering a second run, predicated on the success of the first? Please, Please, say yes…..

    • Tom Richmond says:

      Yes. If I get the first one filled up and enough people who would have done it but I had no more room, I will add a second workshop.

  24. Johnny Briedis says:

    This is a great idea! Perhaps if I start saving up now I could possibly get to go or maybe a second workshop if the first one is successful and timing is right.

  25. Dennis Reid says:

    I would be very much interested in taking your workshop

  26. I would be very very interested, how do I sign up!

  27. Sharon L Bradley says:

    Absolutely sounds wonderful and reasonable!!! Sadly not something I can make happen, however if you are able to make videos available I would have to have them. (Love your book?)
    Best wishes for a fun and successful event.

  28. jim jackle says:

    I could easily afford the cost, but not the September timeslot. But it looks likely filled. Have you thought about filming it and selling DVD’s? With well-made how-to for $20, you’d get rich and we’d get smarter. Admittedly in-person is the best of course.


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