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September 25th, 2015 | Posted in Freelancing

stressed xmas final

The drawing board really became supercharged this week with a quick turnaround job for Sport Illustrated Kids and a new project for Jeff Dunham, on top of what I already had going. Posting may be light for the next week or so.

Above is the art for my latest monthly workplace poster… you can always tell what time of year is on the horizon by the theme of the image. Below is the rough sketch, done digitally.

stressed xmas rough

In fact, I’m now doing all these workplace poster illustrations completely digitally, because they are no longer being printed. They are now 100% digital, and get some animation effects. As a result, I do various elements of each image on separate layers so the production people can animate it somewhat. It’s not real animation, of course (no inbetween figure poses, etc.), but just some movement to make it more interesting in the digital display they use. Far below are the different layers in this illustration to show what I mean.

It makes a lot more sense to do these strictly digitally, since I otherwise end up having to use multiple boards and do multiple scans to assemble the finished image.

stressed xmas 1

stressed xmas 2

stressed xmas 3


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