Mac Woes

July 16th, 2015 | Posted in General


I got back late last night after a LOOOOONG drive from San Diego to Minnesota (9 states, 2000 miles, lots of regrettable choices at fast food restaurants), to find my iMac was dead… logic board fried. Never fun. Actually it started having problems just a few hours before I left for San Diego Comic Con when it started rebooting in a perpetual loop, but the techies at the Apple Store declared it dead officially today.

It’s a good thing I keep backups of everything. Once I get the new iMac, I’ll be back up and running in short order.

Unfortunately this delayed my being able to get to all the Studio Store orders that have piled up in my absence. Hope to get all shipped tomorrow.


  1. Ace Connell says:

    Rest In Peace


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