Presidential Caricatures #1: George Washington!

April 9th, 2015 | Posted in Presidential Caricatures

1WashingtonSo… about those “Classic Rock Sketches”… I’m going to have to put those on hold for a while. A long while. As well as most other content on Tom’s Mad Blog until after Memorial Day.

Right now my workload has reached Red Alert, incoming tsunami, epic emergency proportions. In the next 6 weeks I have to complete the following:

  • 32 more pages on the “Z-People” comic for Sitcomics
  • 5 page TV parody for MAD
  • Marlin Co. illustration
  • Large and complex full page ad/promo for a big cartoonists event TBA soon
  • Assorted other art jobs
  • Finish planning, organizing and running The 69th Annual NCS Reuben Awards Weekend

On top of that I am also doing two comic cons and visiting Memphis for an NCS “Cartooning for Kids” event at St. Jude Children’s Hospital during this six weeks.

I have to do something I have not had to do since the “Bo Confidential” book illustration craziness of a few years ago. I have to shut everything else down and spend all my time at the drawing board. Minimal internet, extraneous activities, sleep.

So, what about the blog? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the side project I am doing where I have to caricature all 44 US Presidents… that’s in there too. I am going to post one a day for the next 44 days. That’s the first one above… George Washington. Not as sexy as the rock and roll series, but a fresh caricature everyday, and I’m bound to be doing your favorite president eventually! Go W.H. Taft! Other posting will be only occasional news, announcements and other stuff of the short variety.

See you on the other side of Memorial Day!


  1. deLoreanator says:

    Man, I’m going to miss those Classic Rock sketches but U.S. Presidents will be a good temporary replacement.

  2. ND says:

    What a great idea. I’m sure history buffs will love it. Can’t wait until you get to

  3. OP Jayhawk says:

    Any chance you can post your source material alongside your sketches…would go a long way toward educating us plebs. Obviously our currency will suffice for a few of them although I don’t roll with too many Franklins these days.


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