TMAoC: Battle Damaged!

March 5th, 2015 | Posted in General

BD Book

Well… okay. Not really “battle” damaged like your favorite action figure variation, but sort of.

Books bought wholesale for brick and mortar stores can be returned if unsold within a certain timeframe. Sometimes these returned books come back with a crease on the cover, a bent corner, a little wear on the spine… very minor damage that does not reduce the readability of the book at all, but does preclude the distributor from selling it again as “new”.¬¨‚Ć I picked up a limited supply of these returned but lightly damaged copies from my distributor the other day, and am selling them for a mere $9.99!

These copies are very lightly damaged, with nothing more that shelf wear, dinged corners, a creased page edge or two… nothing that will interfere with your enjoyment of the contents. A bargain at $9.99…Signed as always!

Pick one up while supplies last!


  1. niksharon says:

    I want one but that is too far between us~~~~
    Keep reading my e-book then….hahaa~~

  2. Too good to pass up! Any chance you’ll be in Sandusky for the ISCA con this year?


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