On the Drawing Board- 12/9/14

December 9th, 2014 | Posted in General

I am swamped right now to the point of near panic, thanks to a week out of the studio and multiple time consuming jobs now due, about due, and overdue:

  • Jeff Dunham Illustrations– Several down but one more to finish on a multiple illustration job for some products for Jeff’s new Las Vegas show
  • Z People Comic– Inking and coloring pages galore
  • Penthouse– Just finished three new Dave Navarro caricatures for his column in the magazine, with a set of three more to go
  • Marlin Co. Poster– My usual monthly assignment
  • NCS Reuben Awards Brochure– Will debut this next month when it’s in member’s mailboxes
  • Private commission– Long LONG overdue

Whew. Not sure if I’ll have time for Christmas.

Here’s last month’s Marlin poster illustration, rough sketch and final color:




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