Monday MADness- Little Red Alfredhood

October 27th, 2014 | Posted in Monday MADness

Monday MADnessNot exactly from MAD this week but rather an odd MAD-releated job from Warner Bros Consumer Products, which to my knowledge has never been used. WB has contracted me in the past to do a number of Alfred E. Neuman illustrations they use on various products. I did one for the International Spy Museum, and several as seasonal Alfred images like for St. Paddy’s Day and Halloween. This one was (I think) also for Halloween a few years ago, but it was never explained to me what the specific use was supposed to be. It’s a pretty bizarre concept- an Alfred/Little Red Riding Hood mash-up. I sketched up some ideas… some with Alfred as Red and some as the wolf (clicky any of the image below to embiggen…):

Red Riding Hood 3

Red Riding Hood 1

Red Riding Hood 2None of this is quite what they were looking for. MAD art director Sam Viviano ended up with a little input that resulted in this approved design:

Red Riding Alfred

and the final:

Red Riding Alfred lores

Again… not sure this was ever used for anything. Kind of a weird concept…. fun illustration job, though!


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