NCS Booth at New York Comic Con

September 16th, 2014 | Posted in News


NCS-nyccFor the last 10 years or so the National Cartoonists Society has had a terrific booth at San Diego Comic-Con, but has appeared at no other comic conventions around the country. Thanks to a joint effort from the NCS and its charitable arm, the National Cartoonists Society Foundation, the 68 year old organization of professional cartoonists is stepping up its game in the convention world.

As part of its mission of outreach to industry professionals and the general public, the NCS will start having a presence at several other major comic conventions, starting next month at the New York Comic Con. The NCS will have a booth at NYCC, and local members will be appearing there to meet and greet the attendees, sign autographs, sell stuff and otherwise promote the art of cartooning. The booth will have its comic-con T-shirts available as well.

Even though I have my own booth at NYCC, I’ll be making my fair share of appearances at the NCS booth. If you are attending NYCC, stop in and say hi!


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