Monday MADness- Pimp my Ride!

April 28th, 2014 | Posted in Monday MADness

This weeks Monday MADness is another rare find… examples of my final pencils pre-inking on the original art boards. Usually I don’t bother to scan the final pencils since I am already past the approval stage with the guys at MAD, so it’s rare for me to have done so. Apparently I did for the first three pages of “Dump My Ride” from MAD #456, August 2005. Oddly the last page I only have the rough scan for.

This is one of only two parodies I have done the art for written by MAD‘s own Dave Croatto, who is also an editor on the magazine (the other being “Weird Eye on the Queer Guise” from MAD #443). This parody also features animator, caricaturist and illustrator Joe Bluhm as the guy getting his ride pimped.

Clicky any to embiggen…





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