Monday MADness!- Spider-Man 2

January 27th, 2014 | Posted in Monday MADness

For this week’s Monday MADness I actually discovered something I didn’t even know I had… full sized scans of the final pencils for a complete movie parody… this one being “Spider-Sham Too” from MAD #446, October 2004. Several people have asked me how rough my “roughs” really are compared to my final pencils. Usually I scan in the pencil roughs that I do at print size on the actual layout pages for MAD to review, and don’t bother scanning in the final pencils before inking, so I can’t show them as examples. I am not sure why I did it this way for this parody, but here are examples of my finished pencils, done on bristol board at 200% of print size, over which I then ink and scan to color (clicky any to embiggen):





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