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December 19th, 2013 | Posted in MAD Magazine

The Swallowing splash
Clicky to Embiggen…

I got this email the other day from MAD aficionado Ed Meisinger:

I’m curious – no signature on the splash page (for “The Swallowing” in MAD #525).
1)¬¨‚ĆIntentional? I’m assuming it is since you’ve got the “Richmond Area Directory” included.
2) Is this a first? (a splash page without your usual stylish signature)

  1. Nope. Not intentional… I just forgot. I forget to do that a lot. I get wrapped up in the job, and just plain forget.
  2. Sadly, no.

Thanks to some OCD issues I had to go back and look at how many I have actually missed signing. I only counted those that are “splash pages” or intro pages to an article where a signature seems appropriate. I never (or seldom) sign features which are only made up of spot illustrations, or as single images meant to be riffs on some other thing (like fake DVD or video game covers, posters, etc). If you were to include those this list would be much longer. That said, there are actually not as many as I thought:

  1. Gadgets to Really Make Home Theater Like Going to the Movies!- MAD #399 (My first #$@#% printed MAD piece and I DIDN’T SIGN IT! D’OH!)
  2. MAD Dumbest Thing #1- Election 2000- MAD #401
  3. Traffeccch!- MAD #405
  4. Behind Empty Lines- MAD #415
  5. Fools of Rock- MAD #438
  6. The Burning Mad Show- MAD #447
  7. Dump My Ride- MAD #456
  8. MAD’s Inside Scoop on This Year’s Stupidest Holiday Movies- MAD #459
  9. Rejected Characters from CARS- MAD #467
  10. Stuporman Returns- MAD #468
  11. MAD Exposes Who’s Thinking What at the Obama Inauguration- MAD #498
  12. The Big Bomb Theory- MAD #503
  13. Green Lunkhead- MAD #510
  14. Parks and Regurgitation- MAD #511
  15. Bigg and Bulky- MAD #514
  16. The Hunger Pains- MAD #515
  17. The Dork Knight Reprises- MAD #519
  18. The Slobbit- MAD #522
  19. The Swallowing- MAD #525

I only did a quick look back (I have tear sheets collected in books from all my MAD work.. pathetic, I know) and there may be a few in there where the signature is hard to find… but I think this is pretty accurate. I see I’ve forgotten a lot in the last 25 issues.

So, my not signing this parody of “The Following” is not all that unusual. However, there is something unusual about the work I did on this parody that has never been seen before on any of my MAD jobs. Anybody care to guess what that was? The answer and explanation tomorrow (I know… big deal).


  1. Ramin says:

    ..did you do the whole project digitally? no scanning?

  2. Doug says:

    My guess is the computer screen was replicated from something else. So the “whole” spread wasn’t hand drawn for this particular work.

  3. Ed Meisinger says:

    Come on Doug, I already guessed that over on your facebook site, lol…

  4. Maybe my own memory is failing me, but wasn’t it called “Stuporman Reruns” ?

  5. Chris Clarke says:

    Added your personal blog sketch o’ the week drawings of the Stooges to a Mad parody? I don’t think I’ve seen you do that before.


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