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August 29th, 2013 | Posted in General

With all the recent issues with the website (now resolved) there was an interruption in the accessibility of some of the things I’m pimping… uh… selling right now. So, here’s a shameless rundown of some of the stuff which are limited editions that are not going to be available forever:

Doctor Who Limited Edition Print

I’m already 300 plus prints into this 450 limited edition print featuring all 11 official TV Doctors. For a measly $25 plus shipping you can get the original, hand signed and numbered print:

Or for $35 (cheap) plus shipping you can get the print with the upcoming 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi hand-drawn into the art!:


Limited Artists Edition of TMAoC

I only have about 20 copies left of this 120 copy limited edition of my book, which comes complete with a hand signed and numbered bookplate and an original caricature drawn of you or whomever you send me pictures of on the half title page! If you are considering getting one of these for a holiday gift for that special caricature artist or MAD fan, don’t wait as these will be long gone by November.

Click any of the links above to order before they are all gone!


  1. Jerry Moore says:

    I like the improved website. It does not freeze my browser.


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