On The Drawing Board- 2/25/13

February 25th, 2013 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

NBA Poster Final
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Super swamped right now:

  • MAD– Five page movie parody, actually a franchise parody.
  • Workplace Poster– My usual monthly assignment
  • UTNE Reader cover– This will be my 4th cover for them.
  • WB Product Illustration– Another “Alfred E. Neuman as…” for use on merchandise
  • WB Animation/Cartoon Network– Designs for another episode segment

The image above was for a promotional poster/publication cover I did over a year ago that I don’t think was ever used. That was way before Howard was traded to the Lakers, so now it’s probably in the round file somewhere. I’m sharing it here for the first time, but I won’t mention the client or the intended purpose just in case.


  1. colin bridle says:

    i love your work and can not get enough


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