On the Stands: MAD #518

October 15th, 2012 | Posted in MAD Magazine

On news stands Oct 23rd, in comic book shops this week, available for download on the iPad right now, and in many subscriber mailboxes already:

MAD # 518 (December 2012)

  • Cover (Mark Fredrickson)
  • The Fundalini Pages (Jeff Kruse, Ward Sutton, Bob Staake, Rick Tulka, Emily Flake, Nick Meglin, Paul Coker, Sam Sisco, Jay Ruth, Kenny Keil, Hermann Mejia, Garth Gerhart, Peter Bagge, Dick DeBartolo, John Caldwell)
  • The Toilet Saga (Desmond Devlin, Anton Emdin)
  • Are You and activist or a Slacktivist? (Desmond Devlin, Paul Coker)
  • A MAD Look at College (Sergio Aragon?¬©s, Colors: Tom Luth)
  • 2013 MAD Pull-Out Calendar (John Caldwell)
  • Expectorate Native American Sputum- A MAD AD Parody (Uncredited)
  • Is Barack Obama a Real American? (Barry Liebmann, Tom Richmond)
  • Spy vs Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (Tim Carvell)
  • The MAD Vault: The Lighter Side of . . . The Boss (Dave Berg)
  • You’re a Great Pagent Mom if . . . (Teresa Burns Parkhurst)
  • Trademark Graffiti (Desmond Devlin, Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer)
  • The Strip Club (Kit Lively & Scott Nichel, Christopher Baldwin, Alex Cline, Peet Tamburino, Noah Van Sciver, Matt Lassen & Tom Hart, Dan Schefelman, Jason Yungbluth, Kenny Keil)
  • Newspapers Weigh in on this Year’s Least Important Ballot Propositions (Scott Maiko, Kevin Pope)
  • New Shows on the All-Pirate Network (Jeff Kruse, Tom Bunk)
  • The Best of The Idiotical (various)
  • Another Ridiculous MAD Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
  • Drawn Out Dramas (Sergio Aragon?¬©s, appear throughout the issue)

I will post a sneak peek of the art from “Is Barack Obama a Real American?” tomorrow. In the meantime…

…What are you waiting for, clod?!? Go out and buy a fershlugginer copy already!


  1. Plus Idol says:

    One of the worst photoshopped Mad covers ever! Don’t let Mort see it!!!

  2. nunz says:

    The Avengers was the superhero movie parody over the summer. Is The Dark Knight Rises going to be the first Batman movie to NOT get the full blown MAD parody treatment??? 🙁

  3. Oswald Cobblepot says:

    MAD also skipped the kevlar-nippled cinematic classic “Batman and Robin,” even though it received 4 stars from the critics. (Unfortunately, there were hundreds of critics and their reviews added up to 4 stars.)

  4. Art says:

    I am not familiar with Anton Emdin, the artist for the Twilight parody. Has he worked with Mad before on any other full length satires?

    • Tom says:

      Anton is an illustrator from Australia and has done several pieces for the U.S. MAD in the Fundalini Pages and some other articles, but this is his first movie parody for the American version of the magazine. I know he’s done at least one TV parody for the Australian MAD (Glee). His work is exceptional, and no doubt we’ll be treated to more of it here in the U.S.

  5. Jose D. says:

    I wish Mad would do more “Lighter side of…” Did they ever do a collection for Dave Berg, like they have with Sergio and Mort?

  6. Grant Jonen says:

    Wish you would have done the Twilight parody. The other guy’s work was good but you would have captured the look of the movies more.


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