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August 23rd, 2012 | Posted in News

I get a number of inquiries every week from people looking to get me to do a personal caricature of them (or their mom, or husband, or dog, or whatever). Some are from genuine fans who think that would be cool, some are from collectors, some offer to pay me, some don’t. Regardless, I regretfully have to turn them all down because I just can’t find the time to do private commissions . . . I can barely find the time to get all my commercial work done. However, if you are one of these people, now’s your chance!

I often sing the praises of Tom Racine‘s fabulous podcast on the world of cartooning, Tall Tale Radio,l on which I am an occasional guest. Tom just launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to buy new equipment to produce his show, and I’ve promised a donation to help support his efforts. One of the donation level “perks” for this fundraiser is a copy of my book, The Mad Art of Caricature!, with a caricature of YOU (or your mom, or husband, or dog, or whatever) drawn by me on the half title page, complete with my signature and a possibly (but not likely) witty comment. All this for $60 (CHEAP) for one of three five I am donating.

Now the bad news… when I wrote this post all of the promised three of these were still available. Between the time I wrote it and the time I scheduled it to post (about 3 hours), all three sold out. However I wrote Tom and told him to add two more, so check this link to see if any more are available yet . . . Tom says they’ll be added today sometime. Or, you could just buy the book, read it and learn to draw caricatures, then draw your own damn caricature in the book and save $35. However then you would not be supporting Tall Tale Radio, so that’s bad.

EDIT- Well, that was fast. These sold out within hours of being posted. Sorry. For anyone who was interested in getting a copy of the book with a personalized caricature by me in it, check back here as Christmas approaches . . . I might offer something similar but for less noble reasons.


  1. Bearman says:

    Obviously you underpriced the value of one of your caricatures.


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