On the Drawing Board- 6/5/12

June 5th, 2012 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Plenty of jobs going right now:

  • Book Illustrations– for a well-selling Simon and Schuster published series that cannot be named as yet, tight deadline.
  • Penthouse– Series of 6 illustrations for ongoing feature. Very tasteful, I promise.
  • MAD Movie Parody– Ordinarily I am not allowed to say what I am working on for MAD but as writer Dick DeBartolo already let the Hulk out of the bag, I guess I can go ahead and say it’s The Avengers.
  • Animation Project– 10 more character designs for another RG Entertainment short.
  • Jeff Dunham Art– Some stuff due tomorrow, in fact.
  • Marlin Co. Workplace Poster– My usual monthly assignment

Speaking of those workplace posters, here is last month’s job…just so you have something to look at in this art blog today besides a bunch of words. As always, clicky to embiggen:

The finished art

Pencil Roughs…

The inks…


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