MADe in China

December 23rd, 2011 | Posted in MAD Magazine

This was posted in the Wisenhiemer Cartoonist’s Forum yesterday:

I couldn’t find a link to the Heritage auction these reportedly came from, but this was posted with the images:

Mad Chinese Edition (EC, 1990) Condition: VF-. Published for 6 issues in 1990. Some regard the Chinese (or Taiwan) Mad as the most valuable and hard to find. An issue of the Chinese Mad recently sold on eBay for $1400+. Includes certificate signed by Mad writer Dick DeBartolo. Not currently listed in Overstreet. From the Dick DeBartolo Collection.

Most foreign editions of MAD have a certain amount of content from the US version in it. It would be very interesting to see if any of that content made it into any of the six issues of this series. Somehow MAD just doesn’t seem like something that would work very well under the control of a government like China.

Tip o’the hat to Steve Smallwood.


  1. Elizabeth W. Pankey says:

    My parents had two silk embroideries of the Chinese emperor and empress. Very similar to your artwork but much thinner and no rubber mallot. You did a fantastic job with the fabric pattern details.

    My friend, Jason Fruchter, loves your book on Caricature. His caricature drawing is improving. I’m hoping he can join us at next year’s ISCA con as a guest for the first time there. He’s already married to a Japanese. 😉

    • Tom says:

      EWP- I didn’t do this cover. It’s from a 1990 issue of a Taiwanese version of MAD. Glad your friend likes the book!

  2. David says:

    MAD in China! Nice!


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