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September 29th, 2011 | Posted in Freelancing

These just saw print in the latest issue of Cleveland Magazine for their “Best of Cleveland 2011 Awards” feature:

Best of Food: Luxury Sunday Buffet

Best of Entertainment: October “Dead Ride” zombie bike race

Best of Drink: The “Slap Shot”…

A fun little project. They wanted bold and colorful… Here are the pencil sketches:


  1. Steve Wiandt says:

    Who is the slap shot girl? Looks like she changed between sketch and final version?

    • Tom says:

      No one in particular, but the editors decided they wanted a different look to the girl… more of the blonde bombshell type, but a little more midwestern thrown in.

      • Steve Wiandt says:

        I love your work. Your splash pages in MAD are great. So much crammed into two pages! I like the first illustration here of the guy getting ready to eat. He looks French.

  2. ravi says:

    You pack so much of art n humor in one sketch, its a treat to dissect each image to learn and smile 🙂

  3. Nick Nix says:

    Do you find it a challenge to come up with different faces? As often as I draw characters I find that I am haunted by similar head shape and features. Your work is nicely diverse.

    • Tom says:

      Everyone has those tendencies. I learned early on that it is important to make your secondary characters have as much diversity and personality as your caricatures of actual people. I have several books full of model head shots, and not beautiful models but just normal people models for catalogs, that I use sometimes for inspiration for these different faces. Mostly I just make them up.

  4. sugumarje says:

    Dear tom…
    I come here week one:) Your Caricature and Illustration are Really Funny… I like your Output. Just you never missed bit of details 🙂
    You know I most like Secret Agents “Specially Daniel Craig” I love this one 🙂

    You are welcome to see my website…
    and one request… Please make simple video for “Sketch to Paint”… We Expecting 🙂


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