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April 26th, 2011 | Posted in Freelancing

I’ve been meaning to post this link for a few days but it’s been crazy around here.

In 2009 I was a guest speaker at the Australian Cartoonists Association’s Stanley Awards in Syndey. When there I met a young illustrator by the name of Anton Emdin. Anton was nominated for a “Stanley” for illustration, which he quire deservedly won. Anton did work for the Aussie MAD Magazine, so we were kindred spirits. Since then Anton has won a few other Stanley awards, and he’s been nominated for several divisional awards by the National Cartoonists Society, including two this year. He’s also had several pieces in the U.S. MAD. He is a tremendous illustrator and cartoonist.

He’s also, apparently, a generous teacher. He’s put out a tutorial on his blog on inking that is an absolute must-see for the novice and pro alike. I learned more than a few things, that’s for certain. I’ve linked to the video on “warming up” above but be sure and visit Anton’s blog for the full experience including another video.


  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the link! Great tutorial. I always enjoy seeing how other artists work and the tools they use. Also, thanks for turning me on to Anton’s great work.You had posted about him a while back.


  2. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom its a great artist and he has good explanations on hes blog about inking. Take care.

  3. George Cook says:

    Cool video!! Thanks for sharing this!


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