Caricatures Gone Wrong?

June 17th, 2010 | Posted in General

The Huffington Post has an article/slideshow posted on their website called Street Portraits Gone Wrong: The Funniest Caricature Drawings Ever featuring thirteen different examples they found of caricatures that the artist “got wrong”. I know many of the artists who did these drawings. Here are some samples:

This one is a Joe Bluhm

This is by Dorney Park, PA artist Chris Chua

This one is by Chris Rommel

See all thirteen and vote on the one with the most “WTF?” on the Huntington Post website.

Poor Chris has four different samples in that slideshow.

The funny thing is that several of these are terrific caricatures, proving the author of the piece is clueless… although a few of them are pretty bad. They didn’t look too hard, obviously… there are some truly hideous caricature examples out there where the recognizably of the subjects as human is a stretch.


  1. These are awesome.

    Wahl’s book “Rejects” has some fabulous caricatures in there. Nothing wrong with Rommel’s either – they’re excellent artists.

  2. (Meant Joe Bluhm, not Wahl’s book – of course 🙂

  3. Anton Emdin says:

    Most of them are great. I love the Chris Chua one!

  4. Nicola-t says:

    Absolutely. Lazy article from Huffington, picking 4 by the same artist just shows how little effort went into the article. Mind you, I did think #2 and #11 were pretty awful but I’m not sure you can even really class them as caricatures.

  5. Nate says:

    I get asked to draw caricatures sometimes and I’ll be the first to admit to them that I CAN’T (at least not well). It’s an art I want to learn better, but for now, I wouldn’t fool anyone in thinking that I’m good at it. I think the author of that article is off on a few of those. They didn’t seem bad.

  6. em... says:

    There are a couple of bad ones (the one with the neck and the three quarter view of the guy with the very short hair), and some that are passable (in a generic way), but the majority are excellent.

    I can understand that Chris Chua’s work wouldn’t be to everone’s liking, but surely someone getting him to do a caricature will have seen samples of what he does.

    The one of the grumpy little girl is hilarious!

  7. Mugshotz says:

    I think this article is another kick in the groin for the caricature craft. How about an article about Ugly Clowns. Now that would be a nice change. Clowns…. (shiver)

  8. Surprised there is no caricatures by Grigor.

  9. I’m one of the artists featured in that post, and they used a very old piece. The “poor man made into a horse” was delighted with it, and his mates were roaring laughing when I took that picture.
    The Huffington Post used that photo without permission too. It’s a lazy, hacky, deadline-impending piece.

  10. Ray says:

    It appears that someone at the HufPo has maybe been offended recently on vacation, and they’re coming after caricature artists.


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