How to Work for MAD Magazine

May 10th, 2010 | Posted in General

Grrrrreat…. “Jimmy Jamz” of Super Experts USA reveals exactly how to get your work into MAD Magazine. It’s almost the exact path I took to break in… except I sent them work from about 6th grade on. Now the work will be even more scarce for everybody at MAD. Thanks a LOT, Jimmy Jamz!! :mad::mad:


  1. Hahaha.. Sam “Vuvayneo”

  2. sharprm says:

    It’d be funny if he did something like Borat and actually turned up to a real job interview in character.

  3. Steckley says:

    I took Jimmy Jamz advice and it totally worked.

  4. Mark Engblom says:

    Love this guy’s stuff. Although the “democratization” of information through the internet has largely been a good thing, these videos brilliantly satirize one of that phenomenon’s biggest drawbacks: the explosion of “experts” whose only qualification is a webcam and the ability to post something on YouTube.

    Plus, I’m now hungry for watermelon and chocolate syrup.

  5. Lar says:

    I nearly woke up my family from laughing so hard. I certainly scared the cats. LOVE IT! I’m a gonna be working for mr. VivAineeo soon!


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