Violaci??n de Derechos de Autor

April 26th, 2010 | Posted in General

Speaking of copyright infringement… these pictures were sent to me by my friend Julio Cesar Maranjo Marin, a terrific cartoonist from Colombia I met last summer when I visited Cali to speak at a cartoonist’s event:

Click for a closer look…

This restaurant is right down the street from where Julio works. The mural is covered with lifted caricatures… I believe the Batman one was done by Ben Burgraff. I’m not sure about the Marx Bros., Marilyn, Bogart (? or maybe Warren Beatty?) or the Mona Lisa with the black eye. The rest are all old ones of mine.

Absolutely no point to this post, unless it’s to illustrate how far reaching the internet is when work you’ve posted gets copied onto fast food restaurants in far away countries.

Thanks for the pics, Julio!


  1. Bearman says:

    haha…Amazing. The Tiger Woods you just posted yesterday in the mail bag is prominent on that wall.

  2. Jim Lavery says:

    What’s weird is that, unless I am wrong, these caricatures don’t seem to be copied and pasted but copied via redrawing, right? If the artist could do that much why couldn’t he/she just draw their own?

    • Tom says:

      You’re right, the mural artist drew and painted these. They aren’t photocopies. I often wonder why someone with obviously competent art skills would not just draw their own caricatures. Laziness? Who knows.

      • Bryan Senka says:

        It might be what they were supplied to paint. Someone else may have gone through the trouble of collecting the images and assembling them in the order they wanted them painted, and then handed that to the hired painter.

  3. Trevour says:

    It must’ve been Opposite Day when the “artist” got to the Marilyn Monroe: smaller head, oversized body. Plus the more realistic appearance of that head stands out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the swiped faces!

  4. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom El CORRAL restaurant its almost in every important city of Colombia and it came from Medellin, one of the principal city’s, every restaurant has the same theme so their are other murals with other celebrities. If you can see more closely in the Jennifer Aniston caricature, on the bottom you can see the signature of the artist and his telephone Its very difficult to stop this kind of things, and much more in other countries. Take care.

  5. Leandro says:

    Hi Tom,
    two things make me think about this post:
    1) I’m not a professional cartoonist but I think I would not be happy to see my Art copied like they made with you;
    2) in other hand (as I’m not a famous cartoonist On this country I would be happy to see my job exposed there) Question:
    if they had credited your name and blog with The paint copy would you allow them to Expose your job there for free?
    Thanks for your attention. I’m your fan from Brazil, Leandro.

  6. Nice Mona Lisa Tom

  7. gustavo says:

    I always have been wondering what happen when you make a cartoon of a celebrity ,post it in ablog and then you discovers that it looks similar to another cartoon made by a famous cartoonist. It is a violation of copyright?

    • Tom says:

      It is pretty obvious when an artist intentionally steals another artist’s caricature and redraws it as opposed to when they did an original caricature all their own but happened to use the same reference picture. I’ve seen plenty of examples of the latter and every time it’s readily apparent to me that it’s an original work that happens to be from the same photo reference. There is no copyright violation in that case.

  8. TRIANA says:

    On behalf of the whole union of Colombian “professional” cartoonists, we wish him the best of the birthdays, benedictions and excuses for this ugly mistake done by a person the one that lacks professionalism, seriousness and creativity.

  9. Paco Pincay says:

    Es una veerguenza lo que paso en ese restaurante. Tom, tu tienes todo el derecho de estra indignado, te aseguro que toda la comunidad de caricaturistasde Colomnbia te apoyan..desde Ecuador te envio un abrazo y mi respaldo.

  10. Robin Crazy says:

    Hi Tom, not only in Colombia, here in Mexico city I remember once going to “El Z??calo” and there was this street caricature “artist” and all his sample board drawings were replicas from Mauri Barnett’s book “How to draw caricatures”, I even approached the guy and asked him “are those your creations?” hahahahaha, he said they were!!!


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