More Art Added to Great Art Blowout!

December 18th, 2009 | Posted in General

Wow. The response has been overwhelming for The Great Art Blowout sale… I am practically sold out and people are clamoring for more.

I don’t have a whole lot more of these Marlin poster illustrations (I lost a lot of them over the years) , but I did have about ten that I did not include in the original blowout sale for various reasons. Some was because I felt that too much of the work had been done on the digital end, and the inked image didn’t make a lot of sense. For those I did a little filling in here and there where possible so I could scan them and add them to the list.

A few others are a little bit weirder, but maybe weird is good! These particular three I held out because they have images on the front AND back of the board… must have been out of illustration board when I got these assignments:

This one (marlin58a and b) are two illustrations on one board, front and back:



This one (marlin60a and b), the did the background on one side and foreground on another as the client wanted a layered file for animation purposes for another application:



This one is again two different illustrations front and back on one board (marlin61a and b):



You’ll find those three and eight others added… and those are all the originals I have that will be added to the Great Art Blowout… so when they are gone they are gone. Many thanks to everyone who bought one (or more) of the originals!


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