On the Drawing Board- 12/3/09

December 3rd, 2009 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

I’ve got quite a few smaller jobs on the board right now:

  • Penthouse Illustrations– some humorous spot illustrations for a Superbowl article (yes, Penthouse has articles)
  • Animation Character Designs– Political caricatures to be used for some animated segments in a documentary
  • Personal Commission– I was honored to be asked by a cartoonist I greatly respect to do a caricature of a famous friend of her’s as a birthday present. Looks like I’ll have to haul out the real paints.
  • Movie Poster– A very simple design and illustration for previously mentioned documentary
  • Workplace poster job– my usual monthly assignment

Speaking of my usual monthly workplace poster assignment for The Marlin Co., here is one I did for them back in October. It was a little different, as it was for a wall calendar not a poster and they asked for a busy office scene (but not too chaotic) surrounded by 12 faces representing the different months of the year. They didn’t want me to use many holiday props, so I eliminated a few of them and in some cases I referenced just the seasonal weather and for some nothing at all. Alert readers might recognize the faces on the border as based on some of the models from the book Facial Expressions by Mark Simon.

Here’s the pencil sketch:

calendar pencil sketch
Click for a closer look…

I then added the seasonal border that transitions through the months of the year to get the viewer to understand the concept.

Here’s the final art:

calendar final art
Click for a closer look…


  1. Gabriel Yeo says:

    What an awesome illustration, Tom!


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