Back from the ISCA Convention

November 6th, 2009 | Posted in General

It was a great and inspiring time as always. Here is a caricature of me by the brilliant Hermann Mejia done as we sat about a table in the main room:

Me by Hermann Mejia

More later.


  1. Gennaro says:

    It’s great, indeed it’s like a picture… even with closed eyes, as if someone would take a picture of you while you were blinking.

    Greetings from Mexico!

  2. Very powerful and beautiful drawing!!!!
    It seems you had a great time.
    Hope to meet you there one day!

    Take care

  3. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom great work its like a portrait of you between serious and funny, just awesome. Take care

  4. Mark Tatulli says:

    Tom, this is a great painting and hermann is obviously and incredible talent…but NO WAY do you look that old.

  5. Steve Hearn says:

    Looking forward to reading about the Sandusky escapades… you lucky thing getting an original Mejia… ‘sigh’


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