Al Feldstein Update

May 16th, 2009 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Back in March I posted a bit of news about longtime MAD Magazine editor Al Feldstein having health difficulties and needing heart surgery.

My friend Mark Evanier posted an update on his excellent News from ME blog about Al’s progress. Mark writes:

Also getting better is the legendary Al Feldstein, who was the writer-editor of Tales from the Crypt and other classic EC Comics, and the editor of MAD magazine for 29 years. Al underwent double-bypass aortic valve replacement (i.e., heart surgery) on April 17 at the world famous Mayo Clinic. He’s home now and recovering, and we’re happy about that, too.

Turns out Al had his surgery at the original Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, which is a mere hour from my house.

It’s great to hear all is well and Al is recovering. Get well soon.


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