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April 22nd, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Susan Boyle ©2009 Tom Richmond

This week’s sketch is of recent media sensation and “Britain’s Got Talent” phenom Susan Boyle. Just in case you have been living under a rock for the last 11 days, she is a contestant in a UK talent show who created a media storm with her performance on the show on Saturday the 11th.

All of England was buzzing about her during our trip to London. She is this dowdy, frumpy sort of middle aged woman who acted very “cheeky” and goofy before her number, and everyone watching was expecting the second coming of William Hung. Instead she belted out a flawless and spine tingling rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables”, a difficult song, with a voice of gold. If you ever wondered why all the superstar singers seem to also look drop dead gorgeous, and where all the ordinary looking people with extraordinary talent are hiding… here’s one.


  1. Jim says:

    I knew you couldn’t resist those eyebrows! Nice job, Tom!

  2. Mike Giblin says:

    That’s dead on Tom, you’ve really captured the dainty Scots warbler! Glad you enjoyed your trip to our little island by the way!

  3. Bernard says:

    Awesome likeness!

  4. WOW…..Spot On, as they say! I love the tree trunk neck and of course her messy hair! Absolutely wonderful Tom.
    I’m sure you remember before 1980, Any recording artist could be successful regardless of how they looked, provided they had actual talent! Ever since the introduction of MTV, everyone suddenly had to be gorgeous or visually stunning!
    By the 1990’s we all experienced the gradual extinction of musical talent that was offered to us. All they want to serve up to us now is Rap, which has the complete absence of a melody or originality! When will talent come back to the music industry?
    Sorry for that rant!

  5. Bearman says:

    Incredible…one of my favs.

  6. Nate says:

    Haha. Love it

  7. Chip says:

    Great job Tom! I’ve watched the video clip of Susan Boyle singing at least 12 times if not more.
    Its an amazing yet true video testament about prejudging people based on looks and how they come across when you first meet them (first impression).
    When she sang-it was SO beautiful! Then the judges and crowds reactions as she sang the song.
    The best part was at the end when the judges and audience felt guilty for laughing at her prior to her singing. They got a big lesson in respect.

  8. yash says:

    This was amazing! awesome caricature, and I know you didn’t have much reference for this. Are you also going to do Shaheen jafargholi the 12 year old boy who performed (i guess one week after her?)

    • Tom says:

      I wish I hadn’t seen that. Boyle’s performance has been called calculated by the cynical, but I choose to believe she is genuine. This kid’s performance, where he did an awkward Amy Winehouse song first, then was interrupted by Simon and he “happened” to have a second song cued up that was amazing, was so obviously set up it was insulting. The show’s producers must think their audience is really, really stupid. The kid is a great talent… just let him come out and do it, don’t try and manufacture miracles.

  9. zwallenfang says:

    I hope you intend on turning this into a park sample. I can already hear it being a crowd favorite.

  10. Bill Karis says:

    What a great likeness. You are the heir apparent to Mort Drucker, and I can give no better compliment.


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