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April 18th, 2009 | Posted in General

Home Again, Home Again!

After a great week in London, The Lovely Anna and I are going home today. Back to reality… and a couple of jobs needing urgent attention.

London was great fun. There are so many famous places and things to see that one week was no where near long enough. We could easily have filled another week and still only seen the major things. Still, we did pretty well and feel like we got a good feel for the city.

I accomplished most of my goals, except I got tired of fish n’ chips after the third day so “eating fish n’ chips everyday” was probably too ambitious a goal. I did have a meat pie, spotted dick, bread pudding, several kinds of tart and about a dozen different kinds of cask ale. Just to be clear, the “spotted dick” I had was the pudding and custard dessert with currants, not the kind that requires penicillin to clear up. I had that kind after a weekend in Tijuana.

The Richmonds and the Hearns
The Richmonds and the Hearns

So, Cheerio, London! Back to the States. Turns out being overseas on April 15th does NOT excuse you from filing income tax…


  1. Karl Simpson says:

    Hey Tom, glad you liked our little city ! It’s strange isn’t it that although I only live 250 miles from there,which to us over here is a hell of distance, I have only been to London sightseeing once in 43 yrs. So without doubt you have seen more of the capital than I have.
    I have to add though I’ve been quite a few times to Wembley to watch the Rugby league Final.

    Good luck with those tax returns and come back soon, perhaps on a working holiday next time, minus the sling !

  2. Kamal Dollah says:

    Happy to see that you were with great company. I do believe Steve and Wendy took good care of you both.

  3. bishopslikepawn says:

    I hope your list of “Tom things” included yelling at people for driving on the wrong side of the road.

    “I have been very lucky in that I have other resources to fall back on if the freelance work has been slim”

    Just looking at that photo (and now knowing you’re a fan of the ripper) I hope you don’t mean you work for a pharmaceutical company (ala ‘the fugitive’).


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