On The Drawing Board- 03/30/09

March 30th, 2009 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Slow going with only one arm… I am surprised to discover how much I actually use my left hand when working. Pencilling and inking become harder when I cannot support nor turn my board with my left hand. Inking is especially difficult and time consuming.

Just a few jobs going right now, and a few “in the can” as they say that I will be able to share in the next week or two. Here is the latest “workplace poster” illustration, the inking and coloring was done post surgery:

©2009 Tom Richmond
Pencil rough

©2009 Tom Richmond
Final Art


  1. Steve Hearn says:

    Tom, even with one arm you still are DA MAN… a real inspiration to us all, total respect dude!

  2. Nate says:

    For this being difficult to ink because of your injury – awesome job as usual!

  3. Mugshotz says:

    Clearly you can still outdraw me with one hand tied behind your back.. or wherever it resides.

  4. Marv Sohlo says:

    As usual a great piece of artwork. I was just wondering if the client requested that the two people providing aid to the worker be made to appear to be more menancing in the final than in the pencil sketch? My impression is that the two are more caring in the pencil sketch and more cold-hearted in the final. It is simple positioning of the eyebrows on the man and a combo of eyebrows and mouth on the woman. To me it changes the whole message of the poster. It changed from looking like sympathic co-workers helping a friend in a tight fix to supervisors performing quick first aid before sending the worker back into the battle. Was the change intentional or just happen during inking? … or am I just reading too much into the facial expressons?
    Marv (Woodbury MN)

    • Tom says:

      The one request the client made regarding changes to the sketch was to alter the expressions of the co-workers. They wanted them to look less carefree and more like they were concentrating hard on their efforts, with some urgency thrown in. I feel as you do about the effect on the overall message, but the client is always right…

      • Marv Sohlo says:

        Bravo… you accomplished the client’s wishes, and I am not going crazy in my impression of the two pieces of artwork. Without a tagline, I was not sure what the message was suppose to be.


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