Super Capers Movie Credit Art

March 27th, 2009 | Posted in General

I’m extremely busy still trying to get caught up after my shoulder surgery… I didn’t realize how much I actually used my left hand when drawing or inking until I was deprived of it.

Here is a clip of the SC movie credits using my illustration work. I am pretty sure it would be considered “fair use” to post this short clip for the purpose of demonstrating my work in a final form. I thought they did some very clever things to make the largely static images have some animation to them. Don’t forget to pay attention at 1:31 on the clip. Sorry the video quality is poor:

Edit 8/1/09- Unfortunately it seems that Lionsgate, the company that is distributing the film, cited my little video and had it shut down on YouTube for violating their copyright. Technically they are probably in the right, although I probably have a “fair use” case considering I did the artwork for the credits and should have the right to show that work to potential clients. However considering I have worked hard to promote this film you would think Lionsgate would be more interested in my continuing to do that rather than not. So, sorry, the credits are no longer viewable and I am no longer recommended anyone see or buy this movie. You win Lionsgate! Congratulations.

I did separate layers for various elements for the title designers to use for motion effects, and in a few cases did multiple images for the same reason. It was an interesting project… I was told my some friends who had seen it in theaters that the images held up pretty well enlarged on the big screen. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see that.

The movie was badly roasted by critics, but it screened well for kids ages 6-12 and even won an award for best feature length film at the Cairo International Film Festival. It’s still playing in some theaters, so if you missed it last weekend there’s still a chance to catch it on the big screen here:

Theaters showing Super Capers starting 3/27

Cleveland, OH
Co-operative Theatres of Ohio, Hickory Ridge Cinema, Brunswick, OH
Co-operative Theatres of Ohio, Midway Mall 8, Elyria, OH

Grand Rapids, MI
Loeks Theatres, Inc., Celebration North 17, Grand Rapids, MI
Loeks Theatres, Inc., Carousel Cinema 16, Muskegon, MI

Indianapolis, IN
Goodrich Quality Theatres, Eastside 10, Lafayette, IN
Goodrich Quality Theatres, Hamilton 16 IMAX, Noblesville, IN

Kalamazoo, MI
Loeks Theatres, Inc., Celebration Cinema Crossroads 16, Portage, MI

Los Angeles, CA
AMC, Broadway Cinemas, Santa Monica, CA

Milwaukee, WI
Vonderhaar Cinemas, Towne, Watertown, WI

Safford, AZ
Victory Theatre, Safford, AZ

San Antonio, TX
Regal Entertainment Group, Fiesta 16 Theatres, San Antonio, TX


  1. Lou Corona says:

    Hi Tom,
    As always your work is great energy for us up and coming artists, thank you for all the solid resources you share through your posts. I agree, these guys really did a great job with the animation of those images, it gave it that extra punch. Hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery.

  2. Nate says:

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a cartoonist in the opening credit sequence along with the actors! Great work!

  3. Absolutely fantastic! What an entertaining way to liven up the open credits. Great use of your brilliant caricatures. Hopefully we see more of the same.

  4. Monty says:

    Whether the movie is good or not, that’s definitely some work to be proud of. Great look to all of it.


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