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March 18th, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Geddy Lee ©2009 Tom Richmond

I came across a recent picture of one of my favorite musicians from back in high school in an entertainment magazine the other day. The guy doesn’t look much different than he did in the 80’s, but I would have said he looked 25 years older than he was twenty five years ago… so maybe he just caught up to his features. I couldn’t resist drawing Geddy Lee, bassist and lead singer of Rush.

I forgot to mention that Rush is still one of my favorite bands. Moving Pictures is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and I have seen them in concert many times. Between Geddy on bass, keyboards and vocals, Alex Lifeson on guitars and Neal Peart on drums (and lyrics) they may be one of the most talented bands in rock. All three are virtuosos on their respective instruments.


  1. Mike Giblin says:

    Wasn’t familiar with this guy Tom, but a quick Google later I can confirm this is absolutely spot on – love the furtive expression, untamed barnet and composition with the foreshortened guitar. Great stuff.

  2. Steve Hearn says:

    That made my day, absolutely great caricature and the fact that RUSH are one of my favorite bands! Awesome!

  3. JoSoWhat says:

    I follow your amazing blog for about 2 years now, but today I couldn’t resist to drop you a line to thank you.

    greetings from Spain!

  4. Monty says:

    Wonderful, Tom! And just because it’s the law up here that we have to say this whenever somebody mentions Geddy…He’s Canadian, eh?

  5. Brad says:

    Knew who it was immediately! Wonderful sketch love the perspective!

  6. Rush and Boston were and are still some of my favourite bands, good times Rocknrolla man! Good sketch by the way.

  7. Doug says:

    Geddy is and was God for me in my high school days around the time of Moving Pictures. I had an “Is that who I think it is?” moment when I happened on the page. You caught him nicely. I like how his hand is resting on the top of the bass.

  8. Dooky says:

    Senior year of high school I blew off a day to stand in line for concert tix for Rush.
    I got detention for it but it was worth staing up all night in my sleeping bag at MusicPlus.
    Do people stay up all night for concert tickets anymore since the internet has existed?

  9. Sagan Lacy says:

    One of your most beautiful sketches, love it!

  10. Dion Socia says:

    AHHHH..LOVE IT! I would recognize Geddy anywhere. This is a brilliant sketch of him!

  11. julio ibarra says:

    excellent Tom Richmond !

  12. Tom says:

    Thanks, everybody. Glad you like the sketch.

  13. Ernesto says:

    Great one! I like more than nothing the caricatures souls, this have it blessed with a terrible expresive expresion (im not good with the language, i had to repeat jeje) and the guitar in first plane. Im not analising, im no one but i had to say all that. Thanks for the blog, and greeting (saludos creo que es asi) from the remote montevideo Uruguay

  14. Bischoff says:

    Neal Peart, to me, is the best there is on drums. He can knock all those old Dudes right outta the box: Kruppa, and his peers. He and Geddy provided the bottom and the melody and lyrics and made up the best trio in Rock.

  15. jimbodraw says:

    Really nice Tom!


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