January 27th, 2009 | Posted in Surf's Up Dept.

Last night I finished a last minute job for MAD that was probably the toughest deadline they’ve ever given me. Surprisingly I finished two days ahead of schedule. As a result I am frazzled and need a break, so today’s post is just going to be a disturbing Youtube video I ran across on the excellent DRAWN! illustration and cartooning blog. This was an actual commercial for Green Giant canned peas and corn using stop motion animation:

That is incredibly frightening. The giant is a leering, psychotic horror… especially terrifying is this final pose where he leans down and thrusts the cans at the viewer with an insane look worthy of Brian Bolland‘s Joker illustrations. If I had been a kid in the 1950’s and saw that commercial I would have had nightmares for a week and never eaten a bite of Green Giant vegetables!

Very few of the posts at Drawn! are this terrifying. If you don’t visit that blog regularly you are missing out.


  1. Monty says:

    “Eat your vegetables, Tommy! Don’t make me call the Green Giant to come and get you.”

    If I have nightmares this week, I’m blaming you, Tom.

  2. jimbodraw says:

    Wow, that is freaky!!

  3. Nate says:

    That is scary…

  4. Bearman says:

    Notice they couldn’t quite get the cans to move with the Giant so they just disappear to then reappear.

  5. M* says:

    wow times were scary back then

  6. M* says:

    p.s.- i just saw ur DORK KNIGHT @ the LIBRARY!!! hilarious, and amazing talent to have.

  7. I think what really bothers me is his unchanging, horrible grin…


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