MAD Goes Quarterly as of #500

January 23rd, 2009 | Posted in MAD Magazine


The rumors of MAD‘s demise after issue #500 were greatly exaggerated… but not that greatly.

Newsarama reports today that DC has announced MAD will become a quarterly publication following issue #500, which will be on the stands in April. Issue 501 will be released in August, with issue 502 in November and so on. The magazine will go from 48 pages to 56. More on Publisher’s Beat.

DC also announced that both MAD Kids and MAD Classics will be discontinued. Three full time MAD staffers are also being laid off, along with a number of other DC staff members.

Obviously this is very sad news. I’m a little too busy right now to write much about it, but needess to say I’ll be having a lot more free time in the future for blogging. 🙁 I’ll address it more in depth next week.


  1. Trevour says:

    Just got the news from Jim. What a run it’s been, but what a blow – it seems like everything is being affected these days, with the state of the economy and the unfortunate decline of print media. Where does it end?

  2. Rich says:

    Sad, news. Just heard from Charlie. Maybe we’ll all end up painting murals in great public buildings likein the WPA. Oh, to have been part of that whole 50’s-60’s gig in the day!

  3. Butch says:

    Damn, that’s awful… I hope you’ll be able to get other work coming in to make up for it soon, Tom.

  4. corbett says:

    I can’t help but feel nostalgic. I feel as though an era is not so slowly creeping out the door.

    Here’s hoping I’m completely wrong and this new direction allows MAD to gain a foothold.

    The funny thing is – I’m seeing a lot more kids themed magazines these days.
    Although most are spin offs from a larger magazine.

    – Cornbett

  5. tam says:

    question: what about those who purchased a subscription for 2 years? are the subscriptions going to be affected?

  6. […] sounds like Tom Richmond will be impacted. On his blog he writes: Obviously this is very sad news. I’m a little too busy right now to write much about it, but […]

  7. Joe Bluhm says:

    This is sad. I hope that there is a plan within and this is not in desperation. … little to say, but … this is shocking and saddening.

  8. jimbodraw says:

    Really sucks, Tom – real shame.

  9. Jim Batts says:

    I just saw this and Evanier’s site and went right over here. Had a little scare there because I thought MAD was folding. Guess we can all be greatful that it’s run uninterrupted for over 50 years. All I can do is keep purchasing the mag and hope that it bounces back to a more frequent schedule.

  10. Ryan Roe says:

    I can’t believe this. I hate to think that my kids won’t grow up with MAD warping their minds like it did mine. This is truly sad.

  11. Jose says:

    Sad news indeed. I pretty much grew up learning to read Mad Magazine and the Mad books. I really hope they can pull it together and come out on top

  12. Really blows to hear that news about MAD, Tom.

    Your illustrations in our newspaper and online have been VERY well received, and as I continue writing our local political satire column and working on my collection of columns, I’ll have more work for you!


  13. Matt says:


  14. Tom says:

    Thanks for the concern, everybody, but MAD isn’t ceasing publication entirely and I did not lose my job. MAD is one of many clients I have and I’ll still keep busy as a freelancer. I have a couple of other projects I have not been able to find the time to pursue either that I now might be able to get to. MAD will still publish 4 issues a year, and I would be surprised if I don’t have a reasonable sized feature in each issue.

    • zwallenfang says:

      I know you probably have more to say, but please tell me this isn’t the result of this “recession” I hear so much about? Also, I heard Obama is a fan of MAD, so perhaps a bailout will be in order if it eventually comes to that.

  15. I do wonder how this will affect the timeliness of some features. Maybe the time-sensitive things will be online? Certainly a good time to focus more on the internet.

  16. […] of print, MAD Magazine is officially going quarterly with issue #500 in April. Found out through Tom Richmond’s post. The quarterly issues will have 8 more pages than the monthly issues, and sell for $5.99(cheap!). I […]

  17. Wow, that’s tough news. Hope it doesn’t hit you too hard to go from, what, 10 or so MAD projects per year down to four? I guess that leaves more time for golf, stamp collecting, brain surgery, finishing that thesis on molecular biology, and other hobbies. Seriously, you are mega talented and I’m glad to hear you’ve got other irons in the fire and a backup plan. You are also a first-class professional and I hope the freelance jobs continue pouring in.

  18. Gomez says:

    oh well
    nothing i can do about it 🙁
    but i expect big things from those issues

  19. yondaime_kazekage says:

    MAD rock on!!


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