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March 21st, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Here’s another of those posts detailing what I’ve currently got on my board. Frequent readers may notice I don’t do these very often anymore. I don’t like posting about jobs I’m doing because in 99% of the cases I can’t show you any of the art because it’s bad form to share it before it’s seen publication. However, this is a blog about freelance illustration, and it provides some insight into the life of a freelancer to see what kind of workload and types of projects are being taken on. So, here we go:

MAD Parody- Five pager of a TV show that has been needing the MAD treatment for a while now. A fun one. Three of the last four jobs have been TV parodies… that’s unusual these days. Reasonable deadline as well.

“Super Capers” Movie Job- Really getting going on this job now that they have the necessary elements I needed to do the work. The scope includes illustrations for animations in the title sequence, three animated scenes int he film and designing “turnarounds” for character maquettes and a possible toy line. There is talk of me doing the movie poster as well. Due in April.

Resin Pen designs– In final art for a set of sports related humorous resin writing pens like the Sherlock Holmes prototype. Due ASAP.

Workplace Poster– Just inking and coloring that cowboy illustration I posted as the “Sketch O’the Week” this week. Due Monday.

Star Tribune Job– This one is a new client. The Minneapolis Star Tribune is a major newspaper here in Minnesota. I’ve often thought of sending them some work as I sometimes see caricature illustrations being used in the paper, and not by local illustrators. They beat me to it and called me, refered by the Minnesota Twins baseball team whom I have done a bit of work for. This is, coincidentally, for a baseball preview section. I haven’t done much newspaper work so this will be a new experience. Due next week.

Scholastic Cover Job– Another political cover (gotta love those election years) for one of the Scholastic publications. Caricatures of McCain, Hilary and Obama. Due early April.

Retail Novelty Product Job– This one is a tight-lipped project involving a novelty item of a political nature. My art will be used on the product itself, packaging and possibly advertising.

Book Illustration– This is a “maybe” job right now but looks promising. Longer range deadline (thank goodness).

As always, will share the art as it is appropriate to do so.

I know I say this every time, but I don’t ever remember having this much stuff to do at once. With the economy in the toilet it’s impossible to turn down work, so I just need to buckle up and hit the gas. I’m sorry to say that the caricature tutorials may be on hold until the first week of April.


  1. I’m curious as to how you are able to schedule the time to juggle all those different projects, especially if everyone wants their projects completed in a 2-3 week period. I’m not a freelancer, but I have thought about the option. Right now I work for Caricature Connection in Orlando, Florida and having a great time with it. Maybe I’ll do some freelance work in the future. By the way, I am a huuuuge fan of your work and I appreciate all the helpful tutorials that you have had on the blog thus far. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Mark Hill says:

    Sounds like a nice list of jobs, with a good range of variety.

    You should really enjoy the newspaper job…their relatively quick publishing deadlines make for fast turnaround and if it’s a large local paper, like in this case, you should hear immediate feedback from lots of friends in the area. The only thing about work for newspapers, (and you’ve probably already considered this), is that unlike magazines, books, or most other outlets for published illustration that utilize bleached white paper, newsprint will change/mute your colors…but it’s easy to adjust for that.

    As for the economy, I agree 100%. With the way things are, it’s crazy to turn down any work right now. Thus, I’m so busy that sleep is suffering a little…but I’d rather have it that way, since you never know what is around he corner.

  3. Tom says:

    Jimmy- You do what you have to do. If it means a few sleepless nights then so be it. I’ve written many times on the blog of the nameless fear that all freelancers share of the day you have no work to do and the phone isn’t ringing. That insecurity is the main reason I am constantly swamped with jobs… I have a hard time turning legitimate jobs down.

    Mark- You’re 100% right about the newspaper’s paper. Scholastic prints on a similar newsprint-type paper so I am familiar with the need to saturate the colors and other adjustments for a good result.


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