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January 18th, 2008 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

It never fails… whenever I am about to try and take a little time off the phone starts ringing. I always feel guilty when I start complaining about having a lot of work… I am very lucky to stay busy. Still it would be nice to go on vacation without either having to pull some all nighters to get jobs done or having to bring something along to finish up when on the trip.

Here’s the final for that workplace poster I showed the sketch of the other day:

Click for a closer look…

… I just got a rush job for an L.A. based magazine for a story on the entertainment industry, which I will have to bring with me to do the value work on. It’s just black and white, so it won’t mean days of work… just a few hours to punch up the inks with some grayscale tones. I ALMOST used it as an excuse to get the new Cintiq 12x, but instead I’ll just use the old Wacom Intuos and save the thousand bucks. That will buy me a lot of Mai Tais next week!

When I get back I have a few other jobs I’ll have to jump right into. That’s just the way I like it, though! Likely a new MAD job, as well as the finals on that west coast ad job and the start of my movie project.


  1. SteveH says:

    Keep plugging away Tom AND have a great vacation! Love the collapsed tent on this piece! Awesome line & color work!

  2. BVasilik says:

    Great composition. The angles move my eye around it nicely.
    Looking forward to meeting you in St. Louis at the mini con.


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