Gone Fishin’

September 13th, 2007 | Posted in General


I’m off today to Alaska on a fishing trip with my father-in-law Joe and all my brother-in-laws to celebrate Joe’s 70th birthday. I am pretty sure I was invited along in case of a bear attack, where I am supposed to be the one who gets eaten while the others escape. I don’t know why I think that… maybe it’s the T-shirt they gave me for the trip that says “Bear Bait” in big letters and smells strongly of honey. Also I noticed my return ticket is the refundable kind.

I won’t be back until Tuesday, if I get back at all. Never fear… through the magic of pre-posted blogging the MAD blog will get it’s daily update. Just know I am seriously out in the wilderness for the next few days and won’t be responding to e-mails or be able to moderate comments. I can’t even get cell phone service! It’s like being back in the stone age… or the 70s!!

In the meantime, I have to research how to escape a hungry bear. I think my best bet is to buy some bear sex-pheromones and spray them on the sly onto the clothes of my least favorite brother-in-law… that’ll be whichever one crows the loudest about the Vikings this weekend (I’m a Packer fan).


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