iPhone Rip-Off Already?

June 23rd, 2007 | Posted in News

The iPhone hasn’t even come out yet before the copycat rip-offs start appearing. Here’s a YouTube video of one such device:

There are several things about this video that I find hilarious. First, it’s very accurate in regards to the opening of the package, as the ‘owner’ briefly glances at each piece and tosses it aside, including the manual, before turning on the device and pressing buttons. Nobody ever reads the manual! Second, even though there is an Apple logo (sometimes backwards) and the OS X look to the interface, when the device is turned on you hear the Windows chimes!

I still can’t call what will happen with the iPhone launch. Will they instantly sell out to people who camped out all night, or will demand be less than expected? The high price and the fact that you have to sign with AT&T are the main reasons the latter may occur. There are also some concerns with it not having a removable battery in such an expensive device. Many people may want one but will be deterred by a contract they already have with Verizon or T-Mobile. I am a prime candidate to buy one, as I have an aging Razr phone (one of the originals), use a Mac and am attracted by the compatibility, and am already with AT&T Wireless. Are there enough like me out there, even with the limited number being released? My guess is yes, there are. Also, do not underestimate the “competing with the Joneses” factor. Some people will stand in line, plunk down $600 for the phone AND pay the penalty fee for breaking their contract with another wireless company just to have the bragging rights. I still think that unless they roll out 3 million or more phones on the 29th, there will be more people in line that each store will have phones by midnight of the 28th.

I admit I am weakening concerning holding off until the 2nd generation of the device… the weaknesses of my current phone seem to be growing in annoyance. Every time I ‘sync’ my razr with my Mac some contacts disappear seemingly at random. I am always looking for a number on my phone that is suddenly missing. I finally gave up and just enter them the old fashioned way on the phone itself, and do not sync anymore so they won;t get deleted. Business-wise, having that information reliably synced between my phone and my Mac would be extremely useful. Also, text messaging is becoming a major factor in my park operations. My managers, employees and independent contractors use it all the time for instant memos, instructions and communications that do not interrupt us when we are either drawing or painting, yet is delivered reliably. My razr sucks with text messaging. I’d already have a Blackberry or similar if the iPhone wasn’t waiting on the horizon.

As The Lovely Anna says: “Stop fooling yourself, you’ll be at an AT&T store on the 29th and you know it.” Damn, that woman knows me too well.


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