A Reuben Tradition

May 26th, 2007 | Posted in General

It seems to be inevitable that I end up having to bring a job along when we go to the Reuben weekend. It never fails that some deadline is looming and it’s either bring it with or don’t go at all.

Oddly, it almost always works out that the place I end up working in our room is the bathroom. It’s the one room in which I can work late at night (or early in the morning) with lights on and not disturb The Lovely Anna. It’s also the one place where a spill of ink or wash water, or a piece of kneaded eraser, will not destroy carpeting. So I am usually banished to the John to slave away.

The NCS always manages to host the Reubens in a very luxurious hotel. The room rates they negotiate for members is outrageously inexpensive compared to the usual rates at these places, so we often find ourselves staying in a $400-$500 a night five star hotel for a fraction of that price. This year’s hotel may top them all in that regard. Anna jokes that I have inked artwork in some of the finest hotel bathrooms in the world.

So, I find myself inking away today in the bathroom of our Ritz Carlton room. You have to love freelancing.

The sound of a running toilet is so soothing…


  1. Jonathan says:

    ..at least you’re not sat ON the toilet!

  2. opsman says:

    From what I can see, you’re inking panels, right?

  3. SteveH says:

    Way to go Tom, and you can practice your acceptance speech at the same time, multi-tasking is such a breeze!

  4. TerryElliott says:

    ha! Great picture, Tom, but if you want to impress us let’s see you do your inking in a Motel 6! (they’ll leave the light on for you)

  5. jancolors says:

    I would like to see you define your favorite inking tools. I have found your computer tutorials indispensable. I was using a similar approach, but you were able to show me a new level.

    I have been using felt tip fine point Sharpies to ink but some of my paper choices have made this ink not so sharp. How can I get good results for details? I need to reread my Mort Gerberg ‘Cartooning’ book, too, I think. LOL

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  6. Tom says:


    I have a full inking tutorial from last fall on my blog. Look under “Tutorials” in the “Pages” section of the blogroll on the right. I discuss all my specific tools and such.

  7. jancolors says:

    Wow, thanks so much, Tom! I will do that!

    I am in the process of buying another house that will have my first real studio, not just a corner of a room. I am tooling up to have a home office, too. Still, Macs wall to wall… at home and work!

    I can’t wait to be able to get to my drafting table without laundry in front of it!!! LOL

  8. bizkit says:

    Well it raining today as your inking in the bathroom……….Might as well go to Harrah’s when your done its just a hop, skip and jump down the street!


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